sweet potato hash is better


So I’ve been extremely hungry lately. That sounds like a bizarre statement, but it is a product of relying on frozen pizza or leftovers for several days. I’ve begun going to Hot Yoga, and that is seriously kicking my ass. Apparently Hot Yoga can act like test for how healthy you are eating: if you are eating whole foods, whole grains and lots of vegetables, then you should feel good. If you are eating refined grains or other complex carbohydrates (like those found in frozen pizza) then you will literally be sweating it out. That means its time to eat real, whole, healthy food.

My roommate likes to make big breakfast plates on the weekend. He often makes some kind of potato hash with vegetables. It looked like just the thing to satisfy my hunger, so I gave it a shot and this is what I came up with.

I used sweet potatoes because I didn’t have any others, but the sweetness was a welcome delight. I peeled and diced the potatoes, par-boiled them in salted water, and butter-fried them in a skillet just like hash-browns. I fried 2 medium-sized Italian pork sausages after I removed them from the casing and broke them up in the pan. I diced red onion, red bell peppers and mushroom and stir-fried them in olive oil. Once they were slightly soft, I formed them into a circle border in the pan and cracked 3 eggs inside with the yolks intact. I added a handful of cherry tomatoes and let the eggs cook under a steaming lid.

All that’s left is to layer everything on a plate: potatoes, sausage, egg/veg and some sliced green onions and it’s a beautiful thing.

If this looks like an obscene amount of food, you are right. I was so full (and I didn’t quite finish). The potatoes added an unexpected sweetness, and their texture is so velvety that I definitely finished every bit of potato on the plate.The only thing missing is a healthy garnish of  a nice sharp cheese – Parmesan would be perfect, or maybe aged white cheddar.

I would recommend making this for two people, but feel the love and eat it from one plate – its really a one-plate kind of thing.



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