stella’s cafe & bakery winnipeg is better

stella1Over my last 5 years in Winnipeg the locally owned/operated chain of 3 Stella’s restaurants has become something of an dear old friend. We’ve shared some excellent times, but also some sad times. Stella’s doesn’t mind if I go 6 months or a year without a visit, because it knows, eventually, I’ll be back… And I do come back to pick up right where I left off – breakfast.  On a warm May Sunday evening, as I attempt to fight off some kind of heady illness, I’m in need of a place that can nourish my body and my soul.

Forgive me for getting too sentimental, but Sundays for me are a time to visit with old friends, relax and recharge – and that is exactly what I get from Stella’s. The stained wood tables & chairs, the chalkboard menu boards, the girl-next-door servers and the way-too-photogenic mood lighting all contribute to an atmosphere that is familiar and comfortable

In my early years I would brave the Saturday and Sunday morning crows, wait in line, and rush out so the next hipster could have my table. Now I’ve learned –  when I’m not cooking at home, Sunday evenings are the best.

The food is inventive yet comfortable: Breaded fish tacos, daily fresh soups like coconut black bean curry, or a roasted red pepper basil bisque, smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese & capers on fresh bread. It is nice to try some of entrees and salads, but make no mistake – Stella’s is for breakfast. Whether is for a specialty egg-white omelette packed with fresh herbs and exotic mushrooms, or a classic eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns and toast – its so worth it.  Below is one of my favorites – The Mexican Breakfast.

A soft tortilla shell smeared with re-fried black beans with 2 over-easy eggs topped with cheddar, fresh tomatoes and green onion. Served with homemade hashbrowns and a generous dollop of sour cream, salsa and fresh guacamole… Gimme a break.

There are also some specialty items worth seeing if you are interested: There is always fresh bread available by the loaf, a case full of pastries, cookies & other sweet goodness. Stella’s produces their own jams, which I recommend eating with a spoon.

The best part of Stella’s is probably the price – with tea, my meal was around $13 and is usually less.

Thanks Stella’s, I look forward to more contemplative Sunday evenings in the future. 4/5


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